geometric-functions centroid_or_mid


  • centroid_or_mid(polygon_data_item)


centroid_or_mid(polygon_data_item) results in a point data-item with

  1. the centroid if it is located in the polygon
  2. or else the mid of the polygon_dataitem argument. The mid of a polygon is calculated as the middle point of the coordinates of the polygon in such a way it is always located within the polygon. See here for a description.


The centroid_or_mid function results in the centroid if it is located within the polygon or else in the mid of the polygon. This means the result of the centroid_or_mid is always located within the polygon, or at its border such that point_in_polygon would return true.

In the image above the centroid is not located within the polygon. The centroid_or_mid function will still result in a point within the polygon.

applies to

data item polygon_dataitem with fpoint or dpoint value-type and composition type polygon.


attribute<point_rd> centroid_or_mid (district) := centroid_or_mid(district/geometry);
district/geometry centroid_or_mid
{21 {403025, 113810}{4 {402955, 113049}
{17 {400990, 113269}{4 {401159, 112704}
{19 {401238, 115099}{4 {401268, 114017}

domain district, nr of rows = 3

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