geometric-functions Get_X

The Get_X function is disabled since the 14.15.3 version, as it resulted in grid coordinates for the id of a grid cell, even if it had a relation to a geographic coordinate system. We are reimplementing this function so it would result in coordinates in the geographic coordinate system instead of grid coordinates in these cases.


  • Get_X(point data item)


Get_X(point data item) results in a data-item with the X coordinates of the argument point data item.

applies to

data item point data item with a Point value-type


attribute<float32> Point_X (ADomain) := Get_X(pointXY);
pointXY Point_X
{401331, 115135} 115135
{399476, 111803} 111803
{399289, 114903} 114903
{401729, 111353} 111353
{398696, 111741} 111741

ADomain, nr of rows = 5

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