Polygon visualisation

Available visualisation-style subitems for polygon data: For the outline of the polygon the same styles can be configured as for Arc visualisation).

Available visualisation style subitems for the interior of the polygon:

parameter<uint32> BrushColor := rgb(255,0,0), DialogType = "BrushColor";
parameter<int16>  HatchStyle := 0s          , DialogType = "HatchStyle";


  • BrushColor: a data-item with value-type uint32 and as expression a (set) of rgb values. Configure BrushColor := 4294967295 for a transparant brushcolor (the value represents the nulll value for this value type. The BrushColor attribute is also in use for grid-data.
  • HatchStyle: a data item with value type int16 and as expression values between 0 and 6, indicating the hatching style. The following examples show the different hatching styles: