Compress Files

CalcCache Managing Files

compress files (also advised for SourceDataDir)

If possible, put the CalcCache in a folder on a disk with a NTFS partition. The NTFS disk management system allows you to keep files in a compressed on disk.

The following steps are needed to store files compressed:

1) Browse in the Windows Explorer to your LocalDataDir, see for the physical location the GeoDMS GUI > Tools > Options > Advance tab > Paths> LocalDataDir.

2) View the properties (right mouse click), a following dialog appears (Windows 10 layout):

[](File:CCproperties.png "wikilink")

3) Click the Advanced button, a following dialog appears (Windows 10 layout)

[](File:CCadvanced.png "wikilink")

Activate the option Compress contents to save disk space (third checkbox) and deactivate Indexing Service (second checkbox). Indexing on CalcCache folders is not useful and makes you system slow.

An additional dialog can pop up, in which you indicate to compress both folders and subfolders.

Dependent on the amount of data in the folder and subfolders, the process to compress files can take some time.

The advantage of storing files compressed is that the amount of disk space is saved substantially. Furthermore the GeoDMS can read the compressed files faster, as less disk access is needed. A small disadvantage is that writing files take some more time, as the data need to be compressed first. But still it is advisable to keep the files compressed on disk.