With the GeoDMS data can be exported to multiple formats. This applies both to source data as well as calculated results.

Three types of exports are distinguished:

  • Export primary data to the clipboard
  • Export primary data to files
  • export-viewports


The table view can be used to export data to the clipboard with the following tools:

copies the (selected) data from the table to the clipboard, string data items are quoted and a semicolon is used as delimiter between the data item.

copies the visible contents of the active table as picture to the clipboard

More information on how to use the table view can be found in chapter 8 of the user-guide.

primary data to files

Primary data can be exported to files in two ways:

1) By configuring a storagemanager to data items referring to calculation results, see topic: data-source.

2) By using the GUI (see paragraph 15.3 of the User Guide). In the tree view a pop up menu option is available for each data item to export primary data to the following formats:

  • Bitmap (*.TIF or *.BMP) (for data items with a grid-domain)). The option exports data to (default and advised) tif format and optional bmp format.
  • Table (*.DBF with .shp and .shx where possible). This option exports data to dbf format. If the data item refers to vector-data, the geometry is also exported to .shp/.shx format resulting in an ShapeFile.
  • ascii-grid (for data items with a grid-domain). The option exports data to Ascii grid format.
  • csv table for all data items. This option exports data to a csv file with string fields quoted and a semicolon delimiter between all fields.